VROG Parkour Academy: the training centre for parkour/freerunning trainers in Amsterdam:

Are you a keen freerunner with a lot of experience ? Want to start the journey of becoming a trainer?
ADAPT 1 is the training for you! It will give you the first level of your certification, recognized worldwide.


Next ADAPT level 1 Coach Certification:   contact INFO@VROG.NL


Want to join? Book through Adapt Qualifications. For information about upcoming training and cursus at VROG PARKOUR ACADEMY, contact: michael@vrog.nl

We deliver ADAPT* certifications to experienced traceurs/freerunners. We train sport students to become parkour/freerunning instructors.

* ADAPT is the first professional parkour coaching qualifications and focuses on every aspect of the science and art of parkour. Delivers training worldwide since 2008 in more than 40 countries. Recognized by major international accrediting bodies.

For more info : Adapt Qualifications